Protect what’s most important to you with the iota Tracker

Introducing iota, the smallest real time GPS tracker, activity monitor, and motion sensor with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery and no monthly fees. Perfect for pets, seniors, kids, vehicles, bikes, and more!

The one little device that does it all!

GPS Tracking

Use your smartphone to locate everything you care about in real-time on a map. You can even look back in time with our location history tab!

Activity Monitoring

Keep track of activity levels throughout the day and set daily goals (like Fitbit!)

Safe Fence Alerts

Set up a virtual fence and receive an alert or email any time your tracker enters or leaves an area around your home.

Motion Tamper Alerts

Receive an alert anytime your motorcycle, bike, or vehicle is tampered with!

Audio Ringer

Ring your iota tracker from your smartphone! The perfect way to find a hidden item close by or train your pet to come home!

Share your iota

Keep everyone in the loop by sharing your iota with family, friends or caretakers. Perfect for petwalkers, babysitters, or shared cars!

Small and Light

The iota is the smallest and lightest GPS Tracker available. It weighs less than a pair of quarters and is smaller than your thumb!

Waterproof and durable

Each iota is tough, sealed, waterproof, and submersible.

Long lasting Battery

The battery lasts weeks before needing a recharge.

Peace of mind

Each year 10 million pets, 500 thousand children, 700 thousand cars, 200 thousand bikes, and countless personal items go missing. With iota, track your loved ones and valuables to make sure you never lose sight of what’s important.

The community that works for you!

Your home base keeps track of everything around your neighborhood. Beyond that, we use two crowdsourced networks – a community of iota home bases and every mobile phone running the iota app – to help you find what’s gone missing.