Getting Started


Getting Started
What to Expect
Rechargeable Battery Life
Time Between Updates
What’s in the Box?
Box Contents
Technical Specs
Home Base Setup
Home Base Installation Guide
Pairing Home Base
Configure Home Base Settings
iota Setup
Initial iota Setup
Pair Your iota
Configure iota
iota Software Update
iota Accessories
Performance Tips
iota Tips
Home Base Tips
App Tips
App Features
The Basics
iota Page Overview
Bluetooth Pair of the iota
Configure iota
Bluetooth Pair of Home Base
Configure the Home Base
Map Overview
Locate the iota
Sound Alert
Geofence Alerts
Temperature Alerts
International Shipping
Shipping Schedule
Replacement Product Instructions
Return Policy
Request a Refund/Return
Just the Basics
The iota tracker App
What is an iota?
What is a Home Base?
Do I need a Home Base?
What devices work with the iota?
Will this work on my cat?
What countries does the iota work in?
What happens when my iotas go out of range?
What if I move out of my current home?
What about metal roofs, lead paint, and metal-coated windows?
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How many iotas can I use at once?
How long does the iota’s battery last?
How accurate is the iota’s GPS?
What is the range of the Home Base?
What are the dimensions and weight of the iota?
I am worried about…
What about radiation?
How much WiFi bandwidth does the Home Base use?
Is my iota information kept private?
Troubleshooting Guide
iota Problems
iota Pairing
Poor Range
Poor Battery Life
Poor GPS accuracy or no GPS lock at all
Adhesive backing on iota wears out
Home Base Problems
Problems Connecting the Home Base to WiFi
Home Base Light is Red
Home Base Light is Off
App Problems
Known Bugs and Solutions
Trouble connecting to Home Base/iota over Bluetooth
Dropped/Delayed Alerts
Geofence False Alarms
Help Videos
Make a Geofence
Turning iota on and off
Home Base Reset
Attachment Accessory
iota Charging
Home Base Set-Up